I know this is a day late but I was super busy planning and running a birthday party at my house that I lost track of time. Plus I've been too embarrassed to upload these sense there not any better and may in fact be worse. I gained a whole pound! Actually a pound and a half. Im so ashamed… I didn't expect rapid weight loss this soon into it because of the high amount of calories I'm eating but i didn't exactly expect to gain. Research suggest it has to do with the fact that Ive been restricting for so long that eating this high amount of calories would make someone like me gain whereas others would lose. I however think its due to the fact that I binged on veterans day and yesterdays birthday party because in the rules I stated that holidays and birthdays are free. God, am i dreading thanksgiving. At least that's the last holiday for a while..


Age: 21 Height: 5'7"
HW:  195lb. 86kg. BMI: 29.8 (While pregnant)😶
HW:  173lb. 76kg. BMI: 27.1 (Just me)😡
LW:   126lb. 57kg. BMI: 19.7😔
SW:   170lb. 75kg. BMI: 26.6😤
CW:   145lb. 66kg. BMI: 22.7😒

√GW1: 160lb. 73kg. BMI: 25.1😩
√GW2: 150lb. 68kg. BMI: 23.5😠
  GW3: 140lb. 64kg. BMI: 21.9😥
  GW4: 130lb. 59kg. BMI: 20.4😕
  GW5: 120lb. 54kg. BMI: 18.8😏
  GW6: 110lb. 50kg. BMI: 17.2😌
  GW7: 100lb. 45kg. BMI: 15.7😊
  UGW: 95lb.  43kg. BMI: 14.9😄

*DGW: 90lb. 41kg. BMI: 14.1😍*


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    Hi, my name is Kayla. I'm married to the most amazing guy ever and we have two young boys. He is in the Marine Corps and I am trying to finish my degree. I love ballet, any dance really, but especially ballet. I like all performing arts! A hobby of mine is photography and I like arts and crafts.  I am diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I also consider myself to have EDNOS but I've never had an official diagnoses. There is so much about me I have yet to discover and I would love for you to be there with me while i make new discoveries!


    November 2013