This is something I created for myself in order to lose weight in time for my birthday on May, 11. That gives me a little over 6 months. I believe that I can make an incredible difference in that time period. It started when I was binging everyday non stop no matter that I did! I decided that I should just raise my calories and allow myself to over eat for a few days so that I can slowly bring it back down (and i mean slowly). Hopefully at the end of this I will be able to control my craving and binges again. 
Okay so I know this is a HORRIBLE picture. Ill try to get a better one on as soon as possible.
Basically I will lower my calorie intake by 100 every 3 days, starting with 2,000. After I get to 1,000 I will complete the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet. When that is completed I will continue what I was doing before, until i get to 600, when I will then complete the original Skinny Girl Diet. When thats completed I will continue until I get to 400, when I will do the Ana Boot Camp (ABC) Diet. After that I will continue until i reach 200, when I will complete the Alice Diet. After which I will continue until i reach 100. After i reach 100 i will do 3 days of 50 calories followed by 3 days of Fasting. The next day is my birthday!  Hopefully this makes sense to you. 

My Before Picture...

Please excuse my fat ass! This really is appalling.. (BTW I really do have boobs even though it doesn't look like it these pictures).
Before the New You Challenge 11/9/13


I will be uploading a new picture every week. Wish me luck!
Age: 21 Height: 5'7"
HW:  195lb. 86kg. BMI: 29.8 (While pregnant)😶
HW:  173lb. 76kg. BMI: 27.1 (Just me)😡
LW:   126lb. 57kg. BMI: 19.7😔
SW:   170lb. 75kg. BMI: 26.6😤
CW:   144lb. 65kg. BMI: 22.6😒

√GW1: 160lb. 73kg. BMI: 25.1😩
√GW2: 150lb. 68kg. BMI: 23.5😠
  GW3: 140lb. 64kg. BMI: 21.9😥
  GW4: 130lb. 59kg. BMI: 20.4😕
  GW5: 120lb. 54kg. BMI: 18.8😏
  GW6: 110lb. 50kg. BMI: 17.2😌
  GW7: 100lb. 45kg. BMI: 15.7😊
  UGW: 95lb.  43kg. BMI: 14.9😄

*DGW: 90lb. 41kg. BMI: 14.1😍*


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    Hi, my name is Kayla. I'm married to the most amazing guy ever and we have two young boys. He is in the Marine Corps and I am trying to finish my degree. I love ballet, any dance really, but especially ballet. I like all performing arts! A hobby of mine is photography and I like arts and crafts.  I am diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I also consider myself to have EDNOS but I've never had an official diagnoses. There is so much about me I have yet to discover and I would love for you to be there with me while i make new discoveries!


    November 2013