These are the exercise plans that I'm doing along side of The New You Challenge. They only last 80 days so I'll let you know what ill be doing after these. These plans are good for beginners who have never exercised before or are too weak to do a really heavy exercise routine. You can also find them in my exercise page.

I started the first one on November 13. So I'm currently on day 5 of The Starter's Exercise Plan.


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    Hi, my name is Kayla. I'm married to the most amazing guy ever and we have two young boys. He is in the Marine Corps and I am trying to finish my degree. I love ballet, any dance really, but especially ballet. I like all performing arts! A hobby of mine is photography and I like arts and crafts.  I am diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I also consider myself to have EDNOS but I've never had an official diagnoses. There is so much about me I have yet to discover and I would love for you to be there with me while i make new discoveries!


    November 2013